Jennifer Aniston can hold a 10-minute board and, as with everything she does, make it effortless. “My boxing coach, Leyon Azubuike, let me start in a Minute, then he added a Minute, and suddenly we were in three minutes,” she says. “But you keep talking, and it will be easy and you can get up to five or ten minutes.”

When The actress told me this, while we were chatting on Zoom about her role as Chief Creative Officer of Vital Proteins, I was hoping to play it cool (which was already unbearably difficult because I was chatting with Jennifer Aniston on Zoom) went out the window. I mean, a three-minute board is impressive, but a ten-minute board? I was completely overwhelmed.

Although Aniston’s strength is superhuman marginal, she doesn’t have a “go hard or go home” mentality when it comes to Fitness. Instead, she prioritizes workouts where she feels good and knows she can stick with it—meaning she will never have to push her body to its limits if she is to be in top shape. “I always change it because I never want to get bored with anything, but I never get to the place where I really have to go hard to get in shape because it’s disheartening-I prefer to stay consistent where I am,” says Aniston. “I really enjoy [training]—it’s a mood booster for me and it holds me really well.”

These days, she credits Pilates as holding her strongest. After an injury knocked her out in her early forties, she turned to restorative modality to recover—and fell in love with her. “I was so body that I couldn’t move, and the only thing I could do was Pilates, which became one of my favorite things,” she says. “It’s not only a really wonderful form of exercise because it rehabilitates the body, but it was really transformative.”

It’s proof of Aniston’s holistic approach to wellness, which is to find the balance and do the things she feels best. “Everything from my morning meditation to what I put in my body to what I put in my brain is information with the news and other things online to the people I surrounded myself with,” she says.

And yes-because I had to ask-it means going to the gym with your real friends. “Courtney and I go to the gym and do our wellness together,” she says. “When I’m at the gym, she’s in the infrared sauna.”Cut me fan-girling, hard, and looking for a Monica Gellar of my own to talk about any future multi-minute board sessions.

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