The main purpose of the holiday is rest, but if the time spent by the pool is not enough to release endorphins, you should do a few quick workouts.

Hotel gyms are not always the most modern, but this does not mean that you need to pack dumbbells or resistance bands in your hand luggage. Body weight training does not require equipment. All you need is 20 minutes or less to pump your heart.

Quick workouts for your next vacation

1. 15 Minutes Body weight training HIIT

Looking for a quick and dirty workout that you can do anytime, anywhere? This 15-minute HIIT workout consumes 100% of your body weight, so no gym equipment is needed. With 15 different movements (one for each minute), from jump squats and lunges to classic burpees, this workout will make you sweat in no time. In addition, it has modifications, so it is perfect for beginners and HIIT veterans.

2. 10 Minutes of Trunk and Leg Training

You can not jump on the day of the leg, even on vacation? Look at this basic and leg training, which leads to severe burns. Developed by Charlee Atkins, a New York-based trainer at Sweat, the workout allows you to maintain your heartbeat with plank jacks, pike tops, and buttock bridges. In 10 minutes, it’s just short enough to sneak out before you get back to the beach.

3. 15 Minutes of Tabata Training

Cardio fans – this is for you. Follow Nike and Rumble Instructor, Ash Wilking, through two high-intensity circuits to pump your blood. As with other interval workouts, expect to sprint through a few power moves, squeeze for 20 seconds, and then give yourself a 10-second break.

4. 20 Minutes Lower body Workout

If you have a little more free time for a little more sweat, try this 20-minute lower body workout. Follow Collette Dong du Ness for a leg and buttock workout that makes you stronger. Expect lots of lunges, leg lifts and of course squats-no equipment required.

5. 15-minute dancer arm training

Tighten your arms from anywhere with this dance-inspired workout designed to lengthen and strengthen. Created by former professional dancer Katia Pryce, this strengthening session touches your inner ballerina, leaving your biceps, triceps and forearm on fire. No resistance bands or WEIGHTS required, but if you want to step up your game, add two pounds of dumbbells for an extra challenge.

6. 15 Minutes of standing basic and cardio training

A basic training without crunches?! Count me. This 15-minute core and cardio workout will get you up and on your feet by using movements like lunges, side twists, and standing knee lifts to rip your abs and oblique abs. While trainer Billie Robyn uses small weights, you do not have to do this—your weight in itself will be quite enough.

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